Thursday, February 9, 2012

A weeks worth of workouts

This week I started a new training routine with my lovely sister in law. In May my husband and I will be doing the Warrior Dash so we are preparing! The following was this weeks workouts.

Bench Press - 3x12
Bent Over Row - 3x12
DB Shoulder Press - 3x12
Lying Tricep Extension - 3x12
DB Curl - 3x12

Weighted Squat - 3x12
Stiff Leg Deadlift - 3x12
Weighted Standing Calf Raise - 3x12
Lying Leg Raise - 3x15
Swiss Ball Crunch - 3x15

Cardio - Interval training

Tricep Dips - 3x12
Decline Push Up's - 3x12
DB Side Lateral - 3x12
Decline Tricep Push Up - 3x12
Curl - 3x12

Deadlift - 3x12
Leg Press - 3x12
Weighted Lunges - 3x12
Weighted Seated Calf Raise - 3x12
DB Shrugs - 3x12
Incline Crunch - 3x15
Back Extension - 3x15

Cardio - Interval training


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  1. Super interested in the Warrior Dash. This us the second time today I have read someone refer to this so now my ears are perked and I am going to find out more!

    1. Barry (my husband) and I have been wanting to do a mud race for awhile but many of them look SO hard! The Spartan Race, Rebel Race, etc. We thought about doing the Hero Rush also but decided on this one instead! Can't wait :D


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