Saturday, February 4, 2012

How natural is birth?

In the movies and on television shows birth is shown as an emergency, a painful traumatic event in which the mother can't handle what is going on and the doctor MUST step in and 'fix' (for lack of a better word) what is going on. If you have ever witnessed a normal birth, you know that this is absolutely ridiculous. Birth is natural. A woman's body is made to do this. As women who are strong, we need to be empowered by our birthing experience. There are many good reads out there, here are a few!

We need to 'listen to the sophisticated rhythms of the body and acknowledging that you don’t always need technological support. The body is highly sophisticated and undergoes a host of processes to bring forth a baby.' -Slow Birth

If you have not watched 'The Business of Being Born', I would recommend it. This documentary reveals many practices that are common in modern medicine which are unneeded. 

Have you ever heard 'nothing matters except a healthy baby'? This article breaks down that statement and why there is so much more to birth. Birth matters.

These statistics show the medical practices involving birth around the world vs in the US. Will you stand up for your wishes?

I had amazing midwives and nurses who supported my wishes to the tee and who helped me through our experience. Things don't always go as planned, but if we remember that birth is a natural process it will be easier to understand what is going on and get through the hardest of times. Ladies, you are strong, you can do this! Pin It Now!

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