Thursday, December 27, 2012

Photo Update

I realize I've been a bad blogger. With a lack of updates and posts I have left you hanging on our life. I give you permission to use the ruler on my hand. Until then, here are some pictures from recent events :)

My little Beauty at her Aunt and Uncles wedding

Dancing with Grandpa

An attempt to show the world how cute she can be... failed.

With Uncle Nay Nay and Aunt O

Running around at lunch time during the Assembly

She loved collecting leaves

Then sharing them.

Family :)

Reading quietly like a big girl!

Just look at those pig tails!!

At my brother and sister in laws wedding :)

They had the neatest photo booth!

...We obviously loved it.

Nightly walks!

Lily loves holding Savannah! She will be a good big sister one day in the not-so-near future.

Modeling her new Panties!

My little sick baby :( She's starting to get better now!

And lastly an announcement to the whole world! Shouting from the rooftops:

IT'S BEEN A WEEK WITH NO POTTY ACCIDENTS! I think we can safely say, our potty learning experience has been successful and we have a reliable little smarty pants. :D

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Herrington Manor 2012

Every year we take a huge family trip with my family to West Virginia. Last year and this year we took a little prerequisite trip to Western Maryland with just my parents! Lily got to see her first snow last year and spent much of her time being held by Grandma and Poppop. 

This year was even bigger! Lily got to play in a foot of snow, go sledding and try talk a walk on the slippery side.
Lily and Poppop sleeping on the way!

Lily loved the loft...

...she liked to throw things onto our heads below!

Getting her Spartan WOD in ;)

Sleeping with Poppop

Trying on her snow boots (my baby is a giant!!!)

Trying to sled on her own...

It was a little scary!

Sledding with Daddy

Then with Mama!

The snow  went up to her knees! 

Snow Angels were NOT her thing.

Even when Daddy did them with her.

She wiped out a few times. We thought it was because it was slippery... really she had an extra sock in her boot ! 

We love snow!

There was even a park!!

New spokes-baby for Maryland State Parks!

With Grandma and Poppop

Poppop saves the day!

My little country girl on the way home :)

It was a fun trip filled with lots of yummy food made by Grandma, a warm fire made by Poppop and more than enough love!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Milk Please! (or not)

As a mom I have to make decisions for myself and my child. One of those decisions is to allow my daughter to self wean and not give her cows milk. I often get the question "What's wrong with cows milk?" and usually I respond with "nothing!" because I don't like confrontation. However, now I feel the need to explain myself (so people stop thinking I am so crazy!!)

Reason #1:
If you know me you know that I LOVE ice cream and milk chocolate and pretty much anything with dairy in it. BUT, it makes me sick. I am just one of the 66% of people who have lactose intolerance. That's right, you heard right, 2/3 of the worlds population have lactose intolerance. Why is that so, you may ask. Humans need an enzyme called lactase in order to digest lactose. We stop producing that enzyme between 2 and 5 years old. (Makes sense right? That's when babies naturally wean from their mothers breast!)

Reason #2:
Did you know that we are the only mammal that drinks another species milk? ALSO, did you know that we are the only species that drinks milk past infancy? 
Human milk is the perfect mixture of fat, protein, lactose and vitamins made for baby humans.
Cows milk is the perfect mixture of fat, protein, lactose and vitamins made for baby cows.
I am not raising a 200 pound child with 4 digestive compartments. (She is barely 20 lbs actually.)
Cows are much larger than us and grow much larger and much faster for a reason!

Reason #3:
Cows milk has 59 active hormones and tons of allergens, cholesterol and fat. In fact, most cows milk sold in America is genetically modified! Have you ever wondered why the average American cow is twice the size of a naturally grown cow raised elsewhere?

See the difference in size? That's what those lovely growth hormones do to a cow, what are they doing to obese America?

Reason #4:
The number one reason people drink cows milk is because, milk has a lot of calcium and calcium builds strong bones. In a way, that logic could make sense. But let's think about that for a moment. There are approximately 35 mg of calcium/100 ml in human milk and a whopping 130 mg of calcium/100 ml in cow milk, but those facts look only good on paper. The amount a child will actually absorb into their non-cow body is less than 30%! So at most they are getting 39 mg/100ml but their bodies won’t use it the same. Studies have shown that people that consume dairy on a daily basis actually have less calcium in their blood than those that get their calcium from leafy green vegetables. Interesting isn't it? Let me show you a study showing that calcium from cows milk does NOT make strong bones.  <<Click here to see the full text!

In the Harvard study, women consuming greater amounts of calcium from dairy foods had significantly INCREASED risks of hip fractures, while no increase in fracture risk was observed for the same levels of calcium from nondairy sources.

Reason #5:
Three of those 59 active hormones found in cows milk are  testosterone, estradiol and progesterone. They sound familiar huh? That's because two of the three hormones are found in birth control!! These hormones are used to prevent pregnancy. Ever wonder why there has been such a decline in fertility in the Western World? This may answer that question.  

I have barely touched the subject as there are many more reasons scientists believe that cows milk is detrimental to our health. These are my personal reasons to have made the decision not to wean my daughter and give her cows milk. That said, I am not against cow's milk. I believe that everyone has the right to make an educated decision for themselves and their children. All I ask is that you respect ours!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why I Became a Doula

Me and Faye Rosalina

Why I Became a Doula
By: Chloe Chrysanthus

When I got pregnant I became determined to birth naturally. I did research day and night on ways to stay comfortable during labor, practices in hospitals, and things that could go wrong. I educated myself on every possible decision I could make. I decided to use a midwife at a local hospital that was known for it's birthing options. After having a very long and hard labor I did more research to determine what I could do differently for my next birth. That's when I learned about doulas. At the time I thought it was silly to hire someone you don't know to support you during labor. But after attending a friends birth, I realized how important that extra support really is. It became important to me to provide the support women need during their pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum. I believe that every woman should be able to birth the way they choose and I want to be there to help make that happen.

I fell in love with birth. While that seems silly to many, to me birth is the most amazing, passionate and beautiful experience of a persons life. After attending just one birth I was hooked on the adrenaline rush you receive as baby makes their entrance into the world. I have never felt such a connection to anything before I started with labor, birth and breastfeeding support. Birth gives me a calm and peaceful feeling for days after. Working as a doula gives me purpose and clarity in a messy world.

I hope to spread awareness of the importance of doulas. I also hope to offer my services to those who may not normally be able to afford such support. In conclusion I'd like to quote the wise Dr. J.H. Kennel, "If doulas were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it." 
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Our month in photos!

Lily rode a tiger!
We took a trip to Fells Point with Uncle Dustyn and Aunt Olivia 

Uncle Dustyn came to visit!
Lily met her brand new (adorable) cousin!
Lily moved into her new big girl bed!
We got our cool new Baby Jogger Summit XC!
We de-molded the bath tub, then enjoyed it :)
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