Thursday, July 5, 2012

100 Reasons: I love my Daughter

Back in May I wrote this list of 100 reasons I love my husband. Two months have gone by and it's time to brag about my daughter, Lily. So here it is, 100 reasons I love my daughter.

1. She gives me random hugs.
2. She loves and depends on me unlike anyone else.
3. She is so curious.
4. She taught me what love was all about.
5. Wet kisses.
6. The way she takes over our bed, who knew a 9 month old needs so much space!
7. She loves animals.
8. Her smile lights up my whole world and anyone else who is around her.
9. Did I mention her smile is gorgeous??
10. She puts up with my singing.
11. She looks at her daddy with stars in her eyes.
12. She is very social and loves other kids.
13. Her sense of humor can lighten any dark day.
14. She is so innocent.
15. When she's quiet, she's in trouble!!
16. She can entertain herself.
17. She knows when I need some love.
18. She has taught me right from wrong, over and over again.
19. Everyday she teaches me something new.
20. She enjoys the simple things in life.
21. She says 'mama' and crawls to me for comfort.
22. She knows what she wants and goes for it.
23. She has the most beautiful, unique eyes.
24. She puts up with people swarming over her and pleasures them with a smile.
25. Her skin is so soft.
26. She acts interested in what I say.
27. She babbles on and on.
28. She is open to new foods.
29. She often stops and thinks before reacting.
30. She is a water baby.
31. She shares really well (so far).
32. Her baby biceps.
33. Her funny faces make me laugh.
34. She rarely cries.
35. Her laugh.
36. I can't imagine a day without her here.
37. She is delicate.
38. She is cautious.
39. She is a good sleeper.
40. She is a good eater.
41. She makes me feel better when times are tough.
42. She gave me a new new outlook on life.
43. She opened up a whole new world for me.
44. She is playful and free.
45. When she knows she isn't allowed to have something she packs it in her jaw like a squirrel.
46. She is smart.
47. She is independent. She is dependent.
48. She makes me venture out and try new things.
49. She shows me what is important in life.
50. She helps me practice patience.
51. She is silly.
52. She is strong willed.
53. She gives me something positive to focus on.
54. She taught me that I have no limits.
55. She makes me a better person.
56. She is so sweet, even when sick.
57. She has my nose.
58. And my toes. (Sorry baby)
59. She goes from sad to happy in moments.
60. She showed me who I really am.
61. She lets me dress her up, in even the most ridiculous outfits.
62. She brings joy to her grandparents.
63. And aunts and uncles.
64. And cousins and friends.
65. But especially her parents.
66. She doesn't hold her shots against me.
67. She loves to cuddle.
68. She loves to swing.
69. She loves new people.
70. She showed me a new side to her daddy.
71. She can make anything a toy.
72. She is always there, always.
73. She'll choose the free spoon over the $50 toy any day.
74. She is an easy baby.
75. She knows 'no'.
76. She knows how to make me smile.
77. She does a special pilates move made by her.
78. She always wants to be involved.
79. She is so social.
80. Her crazy hair.
81. Her love for nature.
82. Her eagerness to be involved.
83. Her sweet smells (minus the potty smells).
84. The personal touch on each and every one of her signs.
85. Her derp face.
86. The way she throws toys over her shoulder when she is finished with it.
87. The way she drops her pacifer out of her mouth when she wants some food you have.
88. Her love of music.
89. How she has her own music taste.
90. Her goofy dance moves.
91. Her ability to make a room full of people smile.
92. Her daddy-like personality.
93. Her sense of calm, even when in distress.
94. Her ability to tear apart a room in seconds.
95. Her feet that are so unique, they don't fit in shoes!
96. Her will to go Go GO!
97. The chance to dress up on mommy and me clothes ;)
98. She is very loving and easy going.
99. She is so beautiful.
100. She changed my life in the best ways possible.

We got very lucky. Lily is an easy, overall good baby. It is impossible not to love her! Pin It Now!

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