Monday, May 7, 2012

100 Reasons: I love my Husband

Sometimes I feel like I take my life for granted. I have blessings pouring in from every part of life and an amazing, loving husband who is responsible for most of them. So In this edition of 100 Reasons I am going to list 100 reasons why I love my husband. Sorry if I get a little sappy ;)

  1. He is caring and gentle. I have never heard him yell!
  2. He is a hands on, loving father.
  3. He is a wonderful spiritual head.
  4. He works hard and supports us without complaint.
  5. He puts up with my insane ideas.
  6. He is always there, for the good and the bad.
  7. He listens.
  8. He knows my favorites (flowers, color, food, restaurants, places, etc).
  9. He has excellent taste in friends and women ;)
  10. He loves to cuddle and hold hands until we fall asleep.
  11. He doesn't mind if I take the whole bed (and blankets).
  12. He puts up with my music in the car.
  13. He loves the outdoors as much as I do.
  14. He respects my opinion.
  15. He is playful.
  16. He takes joy in the little things.
  17. He laughs even when my jokes are cheesy.
  18. He chose me and stuck with me even after getting to know me a little better.
  19. He is genuine.
  20. He is funny.
  21. He has a sense of responsibility and honor.
  22. If we are with others he will always come up to me, hug me and say 'I missed you'!
  23. I can trust him always.
  24. He always tries to be a gentlemen, opening doors and all.
  25. If he needs laundry to be done, he does it.
  26. He doesn't nag.
  27. He motivates me to do what is right.
  28. He supports my wacky aspirations.
  29. When he is off work, he lets me sleep in by taking Lily.
  30. He is passionate about what he loves.
  31. He is smart.
  32. He is handsome.
  33. He always compliments my meals, even if they aren't so great.
  34. He is appreciative about what I do.
  35. He is understanding about my addiction to all things baby.
  36. He loves playing with his daughter.
  37. He is better at putting Lily to sleep than I am!
  38. He can make any situation un-awkward.
  39. He gave me Lily.
  40. He is wonderful with the dogs even though he isn't really a dog person.
  41. He knows when I need a hug.
  42. He thinks family is important.
  43. He is a safe driver.
  44. He is inventive and creative.
  45. He is patient. 
  46. His thoughtful prayers for us every night.
  47. He is a handy man!
  48. He talks of aliens like they are our neighbors.
  49. He notices the little things like when I do my make up or change my hair.
  50. He is generous with compliments.
  51. He carries the heavy loads, literally and figuratively.
  52. He is good with money.
  53. He is a researcher.
  54. He loves to learn.
  55. He keeps listening even when I go on about birth practices and un interesting things of the sort.
  56. The way I fit perfectly in his arms.
  57. The way Lily fits perfectly on his shoulder.
  58. He cleans without being asked.
  59. He knows the difference between an Ergo and a Mei Tai.
  60. He knows the difference between a Pocket Diaper and an AI2.
  61. He plans ahead.
  62. When one of us messes up, we can laugh about it.
  63. He makes me happy all the time.
  64. He laughs, instead of complains, when I sing.
  65. He is full of random facts.
  66. He is honest.
  67. He tells lame jokes that he knows I will enjoy.
  68. We can be weird together and never think otherwise!
  69. He often tries to surprise me with kind gestures.
  70. He tells me I'm beautiful, even when I don't feel it.
  71. He never complains about my bad house keeping skills.
  72. He loves music (even if most of it is from the 80's)
  73. He isn't afraid to try new things.
  74. He takes care of me when I am sick.
  75. He often acts like a big kid.
  76. He is curious.
  77. He picks out the cutest outfits for Lily to wear.
  78. He is willing to sacrifice.
  79. He is always trying to better himself.
  80. He enjoys talking.
  81. He will give me a massage any time I ask, no complaints.
  82. He has a forgiving heart.
  83. He gave our daughter her looks, and they are gorgeous!
  84. His smile.
  85. He is a computer genius.
  86. He can fix anything.
  87. He WILL fix anything, even if it doesn't belong to us.
  88. He always puts us before himself.
  89. He loves me even when I am grumpy.
  90. He pretends to care about things I care about ;)
  91. He is always on my side.
  92. He makes anything we do fun. Especially grocery shopping.
  93. He likes to do things together.
  94. He makes me a better person.
  95. He is romantic.
  96. He is my best friend.
  97. He spoils me.
  98. He has a kind heart and loving way about him, it makes him likable by everyone.
  99. It is impossible not to love him.
  100. He loves me as much as I love him, he makes me the happiest lady in the world.
The best part? It was easy to come up with 100 things and I could easily come up with 100 more. He is the best father, the best husband, the most amazing spiritual head and a real mans man.I am truly blessed with such a loving husband and beautiful family. Pin It Now!

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