Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lily's First Convention

Every year we attend a three day bible based convention. This year was Lily's first!! She spent some time with Grandma and Popop, Uncle Nathan and Aunt Olivia and her cousins James and Lindsey.
Reuniting with Popop

With her grandparents

The Original Clan, plus one.

Our Family :)

Love her little double chin!

Demanding Dinner

And getting some....

These people are crazy!

Aunt Olivia

Uncle Nathan


Pretty Eyes!

Showing Love to the camera!

Every time everyone would clap, or music would come on she would scramble to the edge and get SO excited!

She enjoyed meeting so many new friends and seeing some old ones, but in the end she was exhausted.

Overall. I think Lily had an amazing weekend (and so did we hehe)

When we got home it started storming and Lily found her favorite place in the house!

It was a good weekend with lots of fun! Pin It Now!

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