Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beauty and/or Beast

me: Do you want to get down?
her: flap flap flap flap.
I haven't posted a proper photo update in awhile. Lily is now 10 months old and HUGE! She is so active it's hard to keep up with her. She pulls herself up to stand on just about everything and her favorite toy is the treadmill. She climbs up there and plays for awhile then sits on the side and waits until one of us gets her down. She is standing, furniture walking, eating everything in sight, playing with toys (instead of eating them) well maybe a little eating of the toys too, and babbles all the time. She communicates well through her own signs and actions. Her yes is now a flailing of both arms, like a flightless bird. She shares wonderfully and is getting so independent. She is getting three more teeth, all at once (that makes a total of four!) She wants to do everything herself, without a diaper. Yes. She hates diapers. She hasn't figured out yet how to take snaps off *WHEW*.

Without further ado... my daughter. (P.S. Sorry for the blurry pictures, she is SO active now)

LILY MONSTER!! (Her new favorite game)
Playing peek a boo!

Who knew she loved the cob so much!

She went crazy with it!!

This one was just her size :)

The aftermath (that's asparagus and mushroom in her mouth)

Please let me in mama, I promise I wont drink the vinegar!

Dumping/Eating her cheerios.

Here is my little beast child who BROKE into our bedroom. Yes, she opened the door and tore it apart! That is my pump (and all the pieces), toilet paper ripped to shreds, pajamas, my contact stuff and some papers all over the floor. (There are those flailing arms after we asked her if she did it.)
My little lady with her purse. (Excuse the mess, a little lady tore her treasure box apart.)

In closing here is a video of Lily eating cor and asserting her independence. Crazy Beast.

There you have it. Our tenth month old beauty and/or beast. :)
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