Friday, July 6, 2012

5 Things I love about Birth- A doula's perspective.

1. The most obvious reason, birth is a miracle. Let's just break this down a little bit. You do the deed, get pregnant (a miracle all in itself) then somehow you squish a placenta, a baby AND all of your internal organs in this small cavity (See above). Suddenly there is no more room and your smart body gives the tiny tenant an eviction notice. It goes into obvious action to eject the little thing and all it's 'furniture'. It knows exactly what to do, contracting the uterus all while putting the tenant into position and turning them so they will fit out of the (small) exit door perfectly. Next step, the furniture. Suddenly your body realizes that the ex tenants fridge is still chilling in there and it separates from the wall and plops out onto the 'doorstep'.  Now its time to restore the apartment, a few more contractions and bam EVERYTHING GOES BACK TO NORMAL! Somehow our bodies know exactly what to do and can sustain this little life for as long as it needs. It's an amazing thing. (Yes I realize this is incredibly simplified and takes a little longer but by golly, it's a good analogy.
This beautiful little gem has been floating around pinterest lately.
(Although your oxytocin and adrenaline levels are much higher when in labor.)

2. It helps you learn what you are really capable of. I often hear people say "I have a low pain threshold" or "I could never handle that". But you never know what you can handle until you experience something that actually tries your body. I read a study which concluded that everyone can handle the same amount of pain physically, it is the mental state that will determine how much you can truly handle. When it comes to birth, there is no way around it. You will probably learn your REAL pain threshold at one point or another. Now to the awesome part, it will make you feel like a super hero once you realize how much you really CAN handle.

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    3. It shows who you really are. When you are in labor or giving birth you strip away all inhibitions and turn inwardly. Think of it like the weather. When you are home alone and the ac isn't working, it 90 degrees and nothing can cool you down. So you strip away your clothes. You find comfort in being completely exposed. It's the same when birthing, It doesn't matter who is in the room or what someone thinks of you, it is all about YOU. You strip away anything blocking you from your real inner self. You learn so much about yourself in this one experience. When you share a birth with someone, like a doula, you usually have a connection for life. They see you at your most vulnerable, they know YOU. In those moments when you are figuratively (and probably literally) naked you learn the most about yourself.
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    4. There is nothing more beautiful than the moment you hold your baby and gaze into their eyes. You go from being a mama to a protector, a strong and loving force in this baby's life. That moment you realize what you just did, that this is your baby, that moment is the most beautiful moment in a moms life. Not to forget the dad. For dad to see his beautiful partner go through the hardest trial anyone could handle, to bring forth this gorgeous little being, this is a magnificent moment that can't be topped. 

    5. The most amazing thing about birth is it changes a woman. The change is so subtle that you may not realize one has occurred!
     I'm not talking about the oh-so-common baby blues. I'm talking about your every day perception of things. This one experience will change you forever. One day you may be laying back on the couch, watching your baby crawl around on the floor when you realize, "this isn't me, I hate kids!" or maybe "that thing has made my life complete." or even "How did I help make something so____!" (fill in the blank)-this is in case the crawling baby is tearing apart your living room floor, that you JUST picked up.

    I will leave you with a thought to ponder:
    Why do women want to 'jump start' labor when they know it's gonna hurt like the dickens!!?
    (Don't you lie to me, I know you searched 10079785678 different ways to naturally induce labor the second you hit 37 weeks!!!)

    What about you? What do you love about birth?
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