Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thirsties Fab Fitted and Duo Wrap Review

Let me just say, our little chunk is a bit of a heavy wetter. She eats a lot therefore she pees, a lot. Weighing in at about 13 lbs at 3 months, 3 weeks Lily goes through diapers like a pregnant lady goes through Tums. We were using our Grovia's for night time diapering, but every morning she was waking up soaking wet. After changing her sleeper, onesie, swaddle AND the sheet every night for about a week I was determined to find something that worked. Enters Thirsties Fab Fitted.

Overlapping Aplix Tabs make it an amazing fit!

Very Trim Diapers, and they come in so many cute prints/colors.

Thirsties Fab Fitted are very trim. When it's time to fit into those almost too small pants this is the diaper to grab! They are very absorbent and last 12+ hours for us. The sizing snaps are strong enough that they don't pop open every time we change her, like other diapers have for us. They are very easy, even for sitters or clueless daddies. The system is very economical with only 2 sizes from birth to potty training. The aplix is strong, but the laundering tabs seem to be a little less sticky. Every now and then I will pull out a diaper chain, frustrated. Overall Thirsties Fab Fitteds have proven to be a keeper!

Very strong sizing snaps make for easy diaper changes!

This print is my favorie, Alice Brights.

Thirsties Duo Wraps are not my favorite. For diaper covers, they are good. They never leak, have amazing leg gussets and are very trim. I am not a big fan of the plastic-feeling though. Also, my 13 pound 3 month old is already in a size two!! At about 10 lbs the size one cover fully unsnapped started to dig into her belly. It would leave red marks that wouldn't go away for a few hours. These size 1 covers are supposed to fit until around 18 lbs. Overall, the Thirsties Duo Wrap did the job, but I would rather use a Grovia AI2 Shell or a Kawaii One Size Cover.

This combination for night time diapering has done wonders to my laundry routine. No more wet jammies! I would recommend for you to try Thirsties products yourself :)- Pin It Now!


  1. HI there!

    Visiting from Mrs. Southern Belle today. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! If I ever have a third I'd like to try cloth diapers. I wasn't brave enough to do it with my boys.

    Have a great day!


    1. Thank you so much! My husband thought he would hate them, and I was a little wary myself. They are SO easy though. It is actually amazing how much more I like them than disposables. We have never had one blow out/leak like we did in disposables. It actually saves me from touching poo :-P



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