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Cloth Diapers- Types

Part 2:
Those of you that have started your research know, there is an unlimited amount of information on cloth diapers out there. I’m sure you are starting to pull your hair out, ready to give up because of the overwhelming amount of information. So let’s break it down.
There are many types of cloth diapers. It is best to try out a few types and pick what works for you best.

OS (One size)- This is a diaper that is multiple sizes in one. These usually work from about 9 pounds-30 pounds. They snap down to change sizes easily so you do not have to buy multiple sizes (small ,medium, large) with these. Often, these do not fit newborns or large toddlers.
AIO (All in one)- This is the closest you can get to a disposable. The outer layer is waterproof and the inner layers are absorbent. You do not have to add any thing, unless you want more absorbency. In that case you can use a booster or doubler (inserts you lay inside diaper). These usually have velcro or snap closures. They usually have longer drying times and can be a bit pricey than other options.
AI2 (All in 2)- These are often referred to as hybrid diapers. AI2’s have a cover/shell and an insert. These systems are great for on the go. Often, you only have to change the insert. The cover/shell is waterproof. You lay the insert inside of the shell and put on baby. Often, these systems have available disposable inserts that are more eco friendly than disposable diapers. AI2’s can be a bit more pricey than other options.
Pockets- Pocket diapers could easily be the most popular cloth diaper type. These diapers have a waterproof outside and a stuff-able inside. You must “stuff” inserts into the pocket area to have absorbency. You can customize absorbency but stuffing different material (hemp, bamboo, microfiber) or more insets into the pocket. You can often find cheap pockets or more expensive ones depending on what you are looking for.
Fitteds- Fitted diapers require a wrap or cover. These are very absorbent and are great for a night time diaper. Paired with a hemp insert, these will work with even the heaviest wetter!These can also be a bit pricey.
Prefolds/Flats- Prefold and flat diapers are probably the kind of diaper you remember hearing about. You must fold these or wrap these on your baby and then use a cover. You know longer have to use diaper pins however, with this amazing invention called the snappi. This is the cheapest/most economical option out there. We like to trifold our prefolds into a cover for a quick diaper change.
WAHM (work at home mom’s)- Many WAHM’s make diapers and sell them. These are usually made in the United States and have great prices and can be customizable. You can often find these diapers on Etsy, hyenacart or diaperswappers.
Wool- This is a natural fiber cover. The best of the best :) Price ranging from cheap to expensive.
There are a few other things to consider. Do you want leg gussets? Do you prefer natural fibers? Is your baby chunky/skinny? Would you mind using preowned diapers?
Leg Gussets- Leg gussets are an extra bit of fabric around the thigh that insures no poo can escape! This helps especially with exclusive breast fed poo.
Natural Fibers- Many diapers come in natural fibers but some are made with microfiber/microfleece. Is this important to you? Make you you pay attention to what your diapers are made of.
Skinny/Chunky babies- Different diapers fit different babies differently. That said, imagine going shopping with your best friend and buying the same dress. It will fit you both differently, even if you are the same size. The best thing to do is try them out before you commit to a certain brand. Many stores have ‘trial packs’. Or you could go on and find a pre-used/pre-owned diaper for a steal! Also, there are many buy/sell/trade boards on facebook. Often you can find locals to help you out!

This is the fun part. Finding what works for you.
AIO’s- Grovia, BumGenius, Thirsties, Swaddlebees, Rumparooz
AI2’s- Grovia, Flip, G Diapers
Pockets- BumGenius, Fuzzibunz, Kawaii, AlvaBaby, Happy Heinys, Blueberry, Thirsties
Fitteds- Kissaluvs, Thirsties, Sustainablebabyish, Kiwi Pie, Blueberry, Eco Posh,
Prefolds- Thirsties, Bummies, Swaddlebees, Babykicks, Econobum
WAHM’S- Wylie Clothworks, CC Bums, Curwhibbles

Note-There are MANY other brands out there, these are just a few.

There are many options out there and cloth diapering can get overwhelming. A word of advice, keep it simple. This can be as complicated as you make it! Pin It Now!

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