Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mei Tai Review

The Mei Tai is a cute and comfy Asian inspired baby carrier. After using a Moby Wrap for the first 2 months, I got a little frustrated with how long it took to wear my baby. We started using our Ergo Performance, but my little girl was swimming in it and it wasn't very feminine. Therefore, I decided to try a Mei Tai. I ordered this one from the MarinaN store on Etsy. When I received it I instantly tried it on and loved it! It is very comfortable, even for long term use. It is relatively easy and quick to put on and Lily is so comfortable in it. The padding is thick but not bulky, Not to mention it's cute to boot! Marina (the owner of the store) was very pleasant and easy to work with. Her carriers are affordable and adorable. Her customer service can't be beat. If you are looking for a mei tai, I would recommend buying from her.

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