Monday, December 19, 2011

A Car please.

 We sold our two cars in preparation of buying one that would work in all aspects of our life. This hasn't quite happened yet. So for about a month now we have been carless. It is nice not to have any car, gas or insurance payments however it is very inconvenient with a baby. We have been doing a lot of walking. [I think] we will be buying a Honda Pilot within the next week or so.We found a VERY good deal on an Acura MDX which we instantly fell in love with. The seller has been putting off selling it  however. So a month after we initially were interested in it, we are still empty handed. Today we went to see the car. It is beautiful and something I really like. However he said 'a couple more week' AGAIN. We are starting to look elsewhere. The Honda Pilot is very similar to the Acura MDX. It is slightly more spacious, a little cheaper and a little more in our price range. So hopefully, in a couple days we will finally be able to drive ourselves where ever we need to go. In the mean time I am very grateful to my lovely mother and father in law, who have been driving us everywhere. Pin It Now!

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