Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gro-Via AI2 Review

We have been cloth diapering since our little girl was 2 weeks old. When I was pregnant I did a bunch of research and bought the bulk of my stash...Gro-Via AI2's.

Gro-Via shells come in either aplix (velcro) or snaps. They are one size diapers which fit from around 9 lbs-35 lbs. The sizing snaps are very strong so they don't unsnap while trying to diaper your baby. We are still on the smallest setting and the diaper is not that bulky. The waist snaps cross over and can snap pretty small! This is very nice for skinny babies. Lily has skinny little legs and we don't have any leaking problems. The aplix is very strong, but does not get caught up in the washer or dryer! This is a huge plus for me because I hate pulling my covers out of the dryer all stuck together because they came loose. My husband prefers the aplix and I prefer the snaps.

The soakers or inserts that snap into the shell are TPU backed so you never have wet hands. They have leg gussets to prevent EBF poo from leaking. We have never had a blow out and only had a leak when we waited a little too long to change her diaper (opps!). They are very absorbent and convenient for on-the-go diapering. Sometimes we just tri fold a prefold in the shell and it does the job. I am not a big fan of the Gro-Via boosters, but that may be from user error. I can't seem to get the shell tight enough with a booster inside.

We have only used 1 bio soaker and it didn't turn out too well. We have a heavy wetter and after just an hour we had leaks. It is a nice alternative to disposables, but doesn't quite do the trick for us. We will be trying these again in time and I hope the first time was just a fluke!

This system is a little on the pricey side but it is totally worth it in my book. We do not use this system for nighttime. Overall the Gro-Via AI2 system is my favorite so far. The pro's outweigh the con's and I continue to build my stash! As of now we have 20 soakers, 7 snap shells and 4 aplix shells. Pin It Now!


  1. How are the GroVias growing with your little one? Do you find that you change the entire diaper instead of just the snap in soaker a lot? My one friend said her babies always leaked outside the boundaries of the soaker.

    1. They are growing wonderfully! She is still on the second snap setting with plenty of room at almost 30 inches and 19 lbs. We rarely have to change the covers. On some of our very used/older soakers the gussets on the soakers have stretched out. With these we do have to change the cover more often because they leak through the stretched out edges. Other than that, they are wonderful! By far my favorite diaper (and the only one my husband will use!!)


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