Sunday, May 6, 2012

Williamsburg, VA

 For my parents 28th anniversary (Happy Anniversary!) we went to Williamsburg and Jamestown. We have been going to Williamsburg for as long as I can remember. My mom has always loved the gardens, my dad the history, and my sister and I the pool! I hope to pass long these memories and make some new ones with our little family. Here are a few new memories we've made this weekend!

Poppop puts me to sleep so well!

A Jamestown Trail

Ride the Poppop!

Fall asleep on the Poppop!

Then sleep a little more...

Going for a car ride!
Driving a pink Cadillac with Poppop

Kisses from Poppop

In one of the gardens

The Campbell Clan (and a Lily)

Watching the horses ride past with Grandma

Playing with Poppop and the Teddy!

I realllllllly like this Teddy!

He's as big as me!!!

Drinking some water, just like daddy ;)

A chair just my size.

Spending some time with Aunt Olivia

Lily had a ton of firsts this weekend. First Williamsburg trip, first trip to the Jamestown Battle field, first time (and second) she saw a cannon fire, first trip to a toy store and first time swimming! She was serenaded at Christiana Campbells and slapped her legs a long with the music. She did wonderful the entire time, enjoying her surroundings. On to our next adventure!! Pin It Now!

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  1. I love the pictures of Lily in Williamsburg and YORKTOWN,:)


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