Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby Wearing Anonymous

I have a confession to make: I am a baby wearing addict. I'm sure many of you can relate ;)

I currently have two ring slings, two no sew ring slings, an ergo performance, moby wrap, mei tai and a gauze shorty wrap. And I love them all! Some more than others.

She was so little!

My first carrier was the moby wrap. I used this primarily when Lily was a newborn. Now that she is a little chunk I reach for this less often. I am not a fan of the stretchy-ness as I feel that I have to constantly adjust it as it loosens. For newborns, this (was) my favorite carrier though!

EDIT: Now That I have a gauze shorty wrap, my favorite newborn carrier is the gauze wrap.

Hiking on mama's back.

My second was the Ergo Performance. Me and Mr.Ergo have our moments. It is my favorite carrier for hiking, yard work, washing the car, etc. It is my favorite for back carry. The straps are for very broad people and they tend to be uncomfortable in the arm pit area. SSC (soft structured carriers) are the easiest and fastest carriers to get on and off in my opinion, but they do not 'form' to your body so they aren't always the most comfortable. Even with these qualms, I still find a place in my heart for the little guy.

Not the best picture (better example below)

My next love was the mei tai. I bought a mei tai on Etsy awhile ago and LOVE it. It is by far the most comfortable and pretty carrier I own! With padding on the shoulders and some throughout the body, the carrier is just structured enough to support but just lightweight enough to fold up and squeeze in a bag. Recently I came across another WAHM made Mei Tai store, Honey Do Baby. Her prices are amazing and her prints are adorable! If your looking for an affordable carrier, make sure you check this sweet mama's store out!!

EDIT: As Lily gets older this carrier gets less supportive. It may be because I have a very active little girl or because they shoulder straps aren't very wide, but she wiggles so much I feel like I need a hand on her back most of the times. She is now 20 lbs.

(I don't currently have a picture of us using our ring slings!)
Then came Ring Slings. Ring slings are nice for quick trips, easy on and off, etc. This one has the biggest learning curve imo. For newborns it can be hard to adjust and make sure it is perfectly supportive. Now, with a deep seat and an even shoulder this is a very easy carrier. It took me a month or so to get the hang of it but in the end it one of the faster on/off carriers, easiest to nurse in and most feminine.

(Sorry I don't have a picture yet)
Lastly came the Gauze Wrap. I remember loving my Moby Wrap, but it stopped working for us, once she got heavier (around 14 lbs). So I decided to make a small investment into a gauze wrap. I found a little store on Etsy who sells 5m Gauze Wraps. I contacted her and asked if she would be able to make one for me at 3.6m. She very quickly responded and said yes!! I (mostly) love it. The only qualm I have... I wish it was a bit wider so I could get that really deep seat I get with my ring sling. Other than that, this carrier is amazing. It is very supportive but light weight, it is bright and vibrant and I can throw Lily up in a ruck and be on my way!!

There you have it, Mei Tai's win for smaller babies, Ring Slings win for nursing, and Gauze wraps win overall!

And to close I will leave you with a beautiful picture from Honey Do Baby :)

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  1. I have 2 rebozos (mostly back, hip), 2 kangas (back torso carry), 2 HUGS selendangs (mostly back hip, but also front), 1 mei tai, 1 moby, 1 breezy wrap, 1 pouch (do not like), 1 ring sling (doesn't feel secure)

    My favorites by far are the traditional rebozo, selendang, mei tai, and kangas. I'd have an onbuhimo too if I had the extra cash.


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