Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oregon Ridge Nature Center

First of all let me ask, how have I not heard about this place until now??

Barry and I decided to go for a hike today, but we wanted to try a new trail. I looked up a bunch of local trails and we decided to do a loop at Oregon Ridge. This is the coolest park I think I have ever been to. There is a lake for swimming/splashing with a little beach to play in the sand. A nature center full of real animals and a lot of learning opportunities. It has so much history as an old mining place. There is a playground, a million trails and actual wildlife. When we normally hike we rarely see any wildlife. Today we saw a plethora of turtles swimming and sunning, tad poles, frogs (screaming), fish swimming, giant spiders and snakes and in the nature center a few more. Lily loved the tad poles and turtles. She was a little scared of the frogs since they were so loud. Overall, I fell in love with this place. They even have a place for a dinner theater! BONUS: It's only 20 minutes away from our home. To all the local mamas/daddies/people out there, check it out! I have no idea how I didn't know about this place until now. Now for some pictures :) (We went a second time this week so I added a couple new pictures, hence the outfit changes)

Turtles on a log

Lots of Pretty Fish

Can you find the swimming turtle?

MORE turtles!

First time feeling sand.

Ma, what is this stuff??

Hmm it's kinda cool...

But it tastes so yucky!

Brr this water is cold.

Woah I'm weightless!

*jumps a million times*

Daddy come play!


She got a little scared near the spring where the water was moving fast.
This Jack, Jack knows his own name!

Lots of frogs

This one jumped about three feet i the air and scared us. Silly froggy

Babywearing is magic!

Tad Poles!!! These were so cool

Daddy and Lily time

BONUS: We also learned some new things today:
  • Lily does not go potty while be held/warn. This was really useful while we were out. She stayed dry the WHOLE time!
  • Lily started signing!! She signed 'milk' and her own version of 'potty' today. My little genius! *Proud mom alert
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  1. I love her white hat, where did you get it?

    1. I actually got it at a local consignment shop! I can't quite remember but I think it is Gymboree.

  2. I love it their, espeshely there 2 big turtle aquariums(48x24x24 120 gallon and 72x24x24 180 gallon) in a seprate room in the nature center...


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