Thursday, April 26, 2012

The importance of Extended Rear Facing

Many parents want to turn baby's carseat around as soon as possible, but this isn't a very safe practice. Within the last couple of years they have passed a law to keep baby rear facing in the backseat until 2 years of age.

Some see this as an inconvenience or an unsafe practice so they are tempted to turn them around earlier. These are common myths:
1. My baby's legs are too long for rear facing and they could break in a car crash.
  • Studies show that forward facing kids break their legs far more often than rear facing babies.
  • Would you rather sit reclined with your feet up or sitting straight up with your legs hanging mid-air?
  • A broken leg vs a spinal cord injury, what would you rather?
2. My baby hates being rear facing.
  • Your baby more than likely hates being strapped down and doesn't care which way they are facing.
  • If your baby has always been rear facing, they don't know if they'd like forward or not.
3. My baby gets motion sickness while rear facing.
  • Motion sickness occurs when your brain is getting mixed messages about whether or not you are stationary, this occurs whether you are forward or rear facing. 
4. My baby is too big to be rear facing.
  • Car seats such as Britax Convertible seats are made for extended rear facing. Many will go up to 40 lbs.
5. My pediatrician said it was ok to turn (baby) around!
  • Pediatricians don't always recommend the safest way but sometimes the most convenient way. This is because it is just about impossible for them to stay current on everything they are required to know.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that ALL kids stay rear-facing until at least age 2 and ideally longer, until reaching the maximum height or weight for rear-facing in their convertible seat
Truth is, rear facing is so much safer than forward facing. Frontal crashes account for about 72% of car crashes. Side impacts are 24% and rear crashes are only about 4%.

THIS is an account about how even in a rear crash a baby's life was saved from being rear facing.

If you are looking for a carseat that will work as extended rear facing here are just a few on the market:

Sunshine Kids Radian (45 lbs)
Britax Marathon 70/Advocate 70/Boulevard 70 (40 lbs)
Safety 1st Complete Air (40 lbs)
The First Years True Fit (35 lbs)
Graco MyRide 65 (40 lbs)
Evenflo Triumph 65(40 lbs)
Evenflo Momentum 65 (40 lbs)
Cosco Scenera (35 lbs)
Maxi Cosi Pria 70 (40 lbs)
Maxi Cosi Priori (DISCONTINUED) This is our current seat (35 lbs)

**The numbers in parenthesis afterwards are the highest weight possible rear facing.

One families experience...

A few other safety concerns with carseats:

  • This is a good link to look over when choosing a carseat. It lists how much Bromine, chlorine, lead and other harmful substances are in each color of the selected carseat!
  • Contact a local highway patrol office for them to check if your seat is installed correctly!

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