Sunday, November 4, 2012

5 Most Important Rules of Being a Mother

1. Go with your gut. Your body, your baby, you DO know whats best!! Don't let others second guessing (which they will) effect you. Mom DOES know best.

2. Baby will bump their head, fall, get ouchies and cry. It's not your fault!! Try to relax, it's going to happen sooner or later and baby will be fine!

3. Opinions are like noses, every one has one and they all smell. Other people will give their opinion, their horror stories and their own experience. Learn to block it out because it will effect the way you think.

4. Let go of the fear. Every woman goes through the stages of fear. Where they are scared of the birth, the recovery, being a good mom, being alone with baby, breastfeeding or even all of it. You have to believe in yourself. Know that everything WILL be ok. Have faith in yourself, know that you were made to have babies, it is a normal function. Your body knows what to do and so does that maternal instinct ;)

5. Remember you. You are important too! Go take a nap, have plenty of help lined up (it doesn't mean you fail, it means you are human !) Pin It Now!

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