Friday, June 1, 2012

Shhh!!! A Quiet Book for Lily

First of all let me address the short hiatus I took. My laptop was broken. We had to send it back to Dell and get it fixed which took about 2 weeks. It is still not fixed. Tomorrow they are supposed to come out and fix it all up :) Lets hope this time everything works. Anyway, during my hiatus, I got a lot done! One thing particularly: A Quiet Book. What is a quiet book you ask? Great question dear!

 A Quiet Book: An Activity book made for babies and kids that contains QUIET activities. We will use ours mainly at religious meetings and conventions.
Cover page! A functioning zipper and poms to play with! I'll be adding a title shortly.

A waterfall of gathered colored fabrics!

Different textures, shapes and colors to touch and play with.

Different sized/colored beads to count, slide, identify and play with and more ruffles!

A button and felt shapes. Some teaspoons that fit in their own pocket!

Sea shells, fish and a sun mirror! (Please ignore the yucky finger prints on the mirror lol!) Lets go fishing!!

Lace, ruffles, poms and a button! Different textures to entertain :)

It's hard to tell but underneath the white ruffles is a layer of  pink tulle. Underneath the pink tulle are pipe cleaners made into different shapes. They are easy to move around and have the added texture of tulle.

On the very back is a palm tree pocket. Lily will be able to put extra toys  on the go!

As Lily grows I will add pages. For example, a page that holds a notepad and some crayons, Mr.Potato head with changing facial features, etc. I plan on punching holes in the side and placing them in a three ring binder. This way I can change them around easily :)

This was my first Quiet Book but I intend to make many more! Any ideas? Pin It Now!


  1. This is a great idea! We might have to try this one:)

  2. Wow, I love the quiet book. What a great idea!


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