Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beach and Babies

I know, I know it's been awhile. Be prepared for some Lily spam and fun pictures!

First things first, Lily went to the beach for the first time!! Not just a beach to walk around on, like Oregon Ridge. Lily got to get all dolled up in her rash guard and sun hat, played in the ocean and was buried in the sand. She loved it. When we first arrived we buried Lily up to her waist in sand. She would pull her leg out and stare at it like it was a foreign object. It started to grow on her a bit and she would pick it up and toss it over her shoulder. She also got a few good mouthfuls (of course). We decided to venture in to the water on that 74 degree day and shockingly, the water was warm! At 68 degrees we WANTED to be in the water versus on the beach with the cool breeze. Lily loved it! We would lift her over the waves and she would start laughing and screeching. We'd set her down in between and she would jump/splash in the water. It was really rough though so we stayed up toward the beach. After Lily turned purple we wrapped her up and cuddled on our beach chairs. Lily would rest her head on my chest and lick the sand off of my neck, yes she liked the taste of sand. Such an odd child. Sadly, I forgot my camera :-O. So instead, here is a picture of our nakey baby in our indoor beach :)

The next day Lily was able to meet a little one her age! She has met and played with tons of children, but never one her age (and almost size). They were a little shy at first.

But then they started to get a little curious.

Then Lily's friend got her a drink, well kind of. One minute they were laughing, then Lily told him a bad joke (woops!).

From there they got to meet a couple doggies. Lily loves dogs and cats. Apparently so did her new friend!

Lily wants to be like the other doggies!

The lovely family (and Lily's new friend) pictured above can be followed over at their family blog "Paper and Ink and the Note we Wrote". Pin It Now!


  1. The babies were so cute together! Didn't you love how they were into all of the same stuff? Must be the age. We loved getting them together, let's do it again soon.

    1. For sure!! I loved watching them play!


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