Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lily's First Year!

On this day last year I had the most amazing, life changing experience. I had my beautiful little girl. It's hard to believe she is already one year old. Oh man, I am the mom of a one year old, how did that happen?!?!

On this day last year I gave birth to a little girl who was so headstrong, she wouldn't sleep in the bassinet the hospital insisted we use. Instead Barry, Lily and I curled up on the (tiny,broken) hospital bed and cuddled all night. That's when we knew she had some real personality. She started grinning at 7 weeks and imitating us at 10! The next week she started rolling and laughing. Then at 13 weeks she started scooting in circles. I loved seeing her scoot around the floor like she was on a mission! At this point, I felt like we had a REAL baby. She was showing so much personality and keeping me on my toes. Then came 19 weeks... she started sitting and diving into the floor to get a toy. She also started walking with the help of our fingers. By this time Spring had come and she loved to play outside. She was a real dare devil!! By 8 months (33 weeks) she had started crawling and then at 9 months (36 weeks) she was pulling herself to stand and furniture walking. This became a real treat because she could stand up, move around, but didn't know how to get down! She was begging for help every few minutes!!

That brings us to now. At 12 months (Oh man) I have a real kid. She is such a big girl now! She can entertain herself, throw fits, let us know what she wants (or doesn't want) and is absolutely HUGE. Ok not really, she is a little girl but to me, she is huge. She has grown so much. It's such a bitter sweet feeling! She enjoys anything that isn't meant to be played with (by her). For example:

  • Yo-yo's
  • Dishes
  • Cups, ESPECIALLY cups
  • Phones
  • Paper
  • Dogs (mostly biting them)
  • Laundry
  • Daddy's computer wires
  • Anything on the couch
  • Opening the kitchen gate
  • Doors
  • Grass
  • Curtains
  • The Treadmill and weight bench
  • The Weights
  • The Scale
This list could go on forever. She has so many toys that we rotate each week, yet she would rather play with everyday items. When she does play with her toys she plays with them in her own way. She fills her stacker cups with smaller toys and shakes them. Inventive! She climbs up and down anything on different levels for hours. Loves to learn! She reads her books in bed when she wakes up. Smart! As I type this she has the string of the yo-yo in her mouth and she is walking away, watching it roll behind her. Curious. She loves looking at pictures, reading books, dancing, clapping, and babies. Yes babies, I think I'm going to have a jr. mommy on my hands! 

When my sister and I were little, my mom recorded herself singing a special song on cassette for us. We would listen to it all the time! Since I don't have the voice my mom has (or do I? /*breaks window whilst singing*) nor do I currently have the means to convert cassette audio to mp3 (this will be happening soon though!!) here is a video dedicated to Lily and my own mama (thanks for the memories!).

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